The GVS Group is a national German association of specialist wholesalers that has been a successful player in system services for cleaning and maintenance since 1976. It includes 18 primarily owner-run companies at 25 sites in Germany. Offering over 60,000 items in the product areas of chemical cleaning agents, cleaning technology, disinfection, washroom/hygiene and elderly care, the GVS Group provides a professional full range for business customers. Both high-performance manufacturer brands and private labels such as TAPIRA play an important role in this regard.

The service profile of the Group stands out thanks to supra-regional project management, dedicated transport logistics, expert specialist consultation, a web-based order system (GVS ORDER MANAGER) and the training network of the GVS ACADEMY.

The GVS Group is a powerful local partner. With GVS cooperation partners in countries bordering Germany and the international trade network that is the DHYS Group, the Group is also increasingly active on a global scale.


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